Reference Markets

We are active in the leading business activities

We offer our clients legal support in litigation and consulting on contracts in these reference markets and our know how is employed for our clients’ benefit.

We are able to face the most complex normative constructions, to find business development solutions and help our clients to acquire new market shares and benefit from competitive advantages in Italy and emerging markets.

We are specialized in specific areas in which we can offer the most professional and combined solutions that are specific and highly satisfactory for our clients and helpful in achieving their strategic goals and solving controversies.

Our clients are: multinational pharmaceutical companies, companies active in health care market, packaging industries, construction and building equipment companies, machines and apparatuses, leading fashion and design companies, industrial groups operating in high level furniture market, multinational large scale retail companies, leaders in pasta and bakery production, food and beverage producers, mobile telephone multinational companies, companies active in media and satellite platforms sectors.