WORTH Partnership Project

SuperDesign Show 2019 – Design Week di Milano

WORTH Partnership Project participates for the first time at the SuperDesign Show 2019 during Milan Design Week to present 24 projects that combine creativity and innovation: from wearable devices to IOT, from innovative processes to create customized products to green solutions, a concrete demonstration of how innovation and creativity are the basis of the future of Europe. WORTH Partnership Project is the initiative funded by the European Union’s COSME programme, which aims to encourage the development of innovative products in the following sectors: design and fashion, footwear, accessories and jewelery, leather, furniture and home decor, through the creation of transnationals collaborations between designers and PMI., supporting a total of 150 partnerships over the course of 4 years project. Franzosi Dal Negro Setti for more than two years has been taking care of legal support with specific attention to Intellectual Property Rights of Worth Partnership Project. On the occasion of Design Week 2019 Anna Maria Stein and Giulia Romanelli have organised an IPR Help Desk for the participants of the project.